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Sunday, 12 October 2008

A British woman has become the first in Europe to have a breast removed using revolutionary keyhole surgery to tackle breast cancer.

Woman has revolutionary keyhole operation to tackle breast cancer
Article in the Sunday Telegraph:


"Paula McGinley, 46, had the surgery on her right breast using a technique which involves making two small incisions instead of opening up the entire breast from underneath.

The operation leaves minimal scarring, improves recovery time and some patients can have an implant at the same time to avoid disfigurement.

Mo Keshtgar, based at the Royal Free Hospital in North London, carried out the operation, making two small holes, one under the arm and another near the nipple.

A tiny camera was inserted through the under-arm incision and the surgeon then detached the breast tissue from the points where it was joined to the chest muscle and the skin.

As breast tissue contains no muscle and is spongier and more malleable than normal tissue it can be pulled out of the hole in one go, leaving the outside "skin envelope" almost intact.

Then an empty silicon implant can be inserted and inflated with saline solution, leaving the nipple intact.

Standard mastectomies involve more invasive surgery and more scarring as the breast has to be completely opened. If they want it, patients then have to have further operations to reconstruct the breast.

Mr Keshtgar said: 'It gives surgeons a better view of the tumour, access is minimal and there is minimal scarring.

"This is another tool in our armoury. Some patients are very concerned about scarring, but this reduces that.

"Patients, as long as they have been properly selected, will have outcomes that are as good if not better than if they had been treated using standard mastectomy procedures."

The technique will be reserved for women in the early stages of breast cancer and those with smaller breasts."

This seems an excellent development in breast surgery.

Avoiding salt and salty food reduces the risk of developing most cancers, including breast cancer.

Lose weight, reduce fluid retention, reduce your risk of most cancers, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, vascular dementia, osteopenia, osteoporosis, hypercholesterolaemia, depression, liver and kidney problems, and improve your health in many other ways without drugs or expense by eating less salt! - Try it! - You will feel so much better!

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