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Saturday, 11 October 2008

A three-year-old boy, Joseph Seevaraj, died of tonsillitis because of a 'gross failure' by an out-of-hours GP service, an inquest heard.

Boy dies of tonsillitis after errors in treatment
Article in the Telegraph


"Joseph Seevaraj, died after his parents phoned their local service to insist a doctor visit their son, who was suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea complications arising from the bug.

But they were told to wait for the medication to work during the 11pm call after the lad had been prescribed antiobiotics when advised to go to hospital two days earlier .

He was found dead by his mum and dad Nicola and Jean at their home in Hove, East Sussex, the next morning on January 20 this year.

Brighton and Hove Coroner Veronica Hamilton-Deeley described errors made in his treatment as "total and complete" at a hearing on Thursday.

The coroner said: "He needed basic medical attention. The failure to provide it was gross failure. I am satisfied there is a clear connection between this gross failure and his death."

The coroner criticised Dr Tilo Schippers, who has since quit the Brighdoc practice, for failing to take proper notes of his telephone consultation.

He also ignored so called "three strike rule" which states a patient who has contacted the service - run by private firm South East Health - three times and continues to deteriorate should be assessed."

At least the coroner has been straightforward and unambiguous in condemning the medical negligence which has robbed this young boy of his life and his parents of their beloved son. But there is no mention here of any sanction against the dangerously negligent doctor. - I suppose he'll eventually go before the GMC and lose his licence to practise (be struck off the Medical Register) for a while. - In my opinion he should be tried in a criminal court for negligence of this magnitude.

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